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My name is Pi'ikea and I am the owner and designer of Guava Honey! I am so glad you came to my shop were I source, design, and hand make the items you see in the shop. I love offering those unique and flattering pieces that allow you to be your best self while hanging with friends, attending events, or just enjoying a day around the house. Most of the clothing we offer has some stretch and hugs your body they way you want it to without feeling restricted. Being a big booty girl I know the importance of some give from my clothing. I also enjoy Handcrafting one of a kind jewelry and limited launch clothing collections for those who want something no one else has. 

A little more about me I was born and raised in Kaneohe Oahu [east is the best side]. This is where I grew up learning about my Hawaiian culture from my mother and my African American culture from my father. It was definitely a unique mix of cultures and at times it was hard to find my place when there was no one else like me around to look up to. But after moving away for college and finally coming back to Hawaii after 11 years I was ready to carve a place not just for me but for woman who don't subscribe to one vibe and who has that chameleon like style able to shift from one vibe to another without skipping a beat. That's the space I'm creating for me and for you.

Enjoy the process of finding your vibe and style, and remember being different isn't a burden, it's an opportunity to create your truth and to stand tall in whatever it is you chose. I truly hope you enjoy the items we provide in the shop and if you have any compliments or constructive criticism I am all ears and eager to make this a favorite shopping destination for you!


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