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    I could sit here at my tiny desk in the corner of my tiny room in the back of my parents tiny house and say to just ignore the haters and naysayers and life will be easy. Bahahaha what a load of trash, look I get it yeah you need to brush off those who doubt you. But the greatest and strongest defense to those blabber mouths is to love yourself. No self love isn't just boiling yourself in shimmery, glittery, bath bomb loaded soaks. Self love is trusting yourself, trusting your abilities to work through hardships, and never ever lowering your self worth. Self love is forgiving yourself when outcomes of a choices don't come out they way you want. Self love is choosing your happiness over anything that hasn't invested your happiness. Self love is having consistent discipline and self control to reach personal, professional, and health goals. You are the Captain of your ship, you may not be able to control the oceans on which you sail but you can control how much you are willing to fight to stay above water.

With Love Always, Pi'ikea

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