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Now Your Worth Then Add Tax

One of the hardest lessons I have learned over my 32 young years of my life is that the only person who will always have your back no matter what is....your DAMN SELF. So start loving every inch of your self and all the things that make you different and similar to the world around you. I use to give my the power of defining my self worth like a welcome to the neighbor pie to anyone who wanted to price my worth. And more often than not I was always on sale/clearance or thrown to the side for something shiny and new. You need to hear this so sit back and take notes. You are WORTHY OF LOVE and no one can define what you deserve. So start start adding tax and packaging, and labor cost to your value. You are unique and the right person will see that and pay that price because they see and honor your worth. Protect your energy like it is the light with in you because once you're allow others to drain you of your energy the light that shines to guide you to your next destination is much dimmer and the path is a lot darker. Love your self first and the people who honor your self worth will be a lot easier to spot.

With Love Always,


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